Nathyn With A Y

I have to do something with my college degree so I choose obnoxious amateur Geoffrey Baer.

About Nathyn

My name is Nathyn. There is a Y in Nathyn. I am Nathyn with a Y. Tour guide in Chicago. Stand-up enthusiast. I study random parts of history. 

Pro wrestling is my religion. Expect a lot of content about such to show up. The University has decided that is what I would most be my biggest interest.

I’m a tour guide in Chicago. I find it fun to study facts about the city and have filles three composition books full of notes and work on a new notebook every year. So expect to see some content from and about Chicago. 

In the realms of politics, I’m pretty straight forward with my bias. The political compass says I’m left-libertarian. I like Bernie Sanders, blah blah blah blah. I want content I create to be well researched,  informative, and sometimes lean towards conversational.

It’s pretty easy to make a page with WordPress. Now the challenge is creating content worth sharing. Come observe the journey. Heck, if you don’t like anything, a lot of this is for me keep reference of things for myself. Force myself to think out ideas in full. 

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