Athletic theater: Professional wrestling and probably Circus Olay.

Curiosly aggressive: When you observe an opinion you perceived as based on false information, and then proceed to dissect the idea through rigorous interrogation. 

Laborly anxious: To be overwhelmed with emotion due to a seasonal lack of work opportunities. 

Name password: When you further confirm your identity with someone by explaining how your first name is f***ed up. 

Only-child quiet: When out grew up having to have a lot of immigration due to lack of siblings, so as an adult you tend to be more more introverted in public settings. 

Sobriety poor: To be at a state of finances where recreational vices have been significantly cut back. 

Vegan vocal: when you are outspoken about a person decision to the point of annoyance.  Almost as if it was one of the perks of making that decision.