WWE Champions is the opportunity for Vince McMahon to hit a low blow to Bejewels as HHH hits Zoo Keeper with the Pedigree. Surrounded by carnage, Candy Crush turns around to gets smacks in the face by Stephanie McMahon. 

I can make fun the mobile game all I want, but it has consumed more of my life than I ever expected procrastinating chores in the process. 

Simple rules. Match three-in-a-row. Four-in-a-row knocks out a column. Five-in-a-row garners another turn. Certain colors act as your power moves. 

There’s a bare bones narrative. You are a manager with really good luck at getting clients, and sometimes they are going to tag or fight their clones.

You can end up with with a variety of wrestlers from multiple stages of their career including John Cena, The Rock, Seth Rollins, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, The New Day, Goldberg, Dudley Boys and others. There’s also deep cuts for the demographically targeted youth like Big John Studd, DDP, and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. So it’s okay to get pissed if you end up with one of the Prime Times Players. 

Wrestlers are organized in categories like high-flyer, technician, and trickster. Like rock-paper-scissors, one class of wrestlers have an advantage over another. 

If you are not a fan of John Cena or Roman Reigns, suck it up. They are going to come in handy to level up. It’s just a matter of time before you are clamoring to the power of the Attitude Adjustment. Reign is going to come in handy when you are facing a blue iconed high flyer. 

There’s a bare bones player-vs-player or “Season” in which two members of your roster are pitted against AI representing another player roster, or their “defense”. 
You get cool shit the more you play. I have leveled up enough where I get to enjoy murdering people with a Midnight Special by my two-star, Shield era Dean Ambrose. 

Their servers has crapped out a few times but the game operators have provided in-game compensation for these occurrences.

A lot of the real world costs of the level ups are pretty ridiculous. I am not spending $99.99 of United States Currency to pimp out my HHH or Undertaker. My limit has stopped at $15 and am not too interested in investing anymore in my artificial ass kicking game. 

I’m not going to gamble on the tokens to upgrade the Superstars. I know at least two people who could probably tell me where a fun dice could be in the non-app world. 

It’s a nice game to pass the time while waiting at a doctor’s office or taking public  transit (preferably not while driving), or when Titus O’Neil shows up on television.