One of the privileges of living in the midwest is the quality of professional wrestling companies that have claimed the area as their home. One of the places I regularly frequent is Freelance Wrestling, who mostly operates within the city of Chicago in venues like the Chop Shop in Wicker Park and Bollom Lounge in the West Loop. 

Now the athletes are coming to my neighborhood of Logan Square with “Don’t Let Me Cave In” 

Here are some of the matches on the March 24th card. 

The Freelance Wrestling Championship is on the line as the newly crown GPA puts the title on the line against Matt Cage. GPA has some proving himself to do, especially since the previous champions, Prince Mustafa Ali and Isaias Velasquez,  had quality reigns. 

GPA has defeated both of them and now it’s time to add some additional title defenses in his Cagematch wrestling database, plus because of his clean cut nature, sector of the audience roots against him. This is an opportunity for him to build a counter argument for the difficult to please. He does have his fans including one mildly intoxicated young adults lady who really likes to slap tge ring.

Matt Cage is a recent addition to the company’s roster but has a established reputation in the Midwest for having high quality matches, although he also has a reputation for being pretty much a dick in public. The previous show, he showed no qualms for calling a audience member a “fat bitch”. 

AC/DC explodes!  These two are veterans of the midwest. One of my first indie wrestling matches was a brutal encounter between Arik Cannon against Chris Hero on the second night of the IWA Mid-South 2005 Ted Petty Invitational. I’ve been watching Darin Corbin matches since he used to come out with an LED belt. 

The N Words (Acid Jaz and B-Ryce) will be known as pioneers in Freelance Wrestling’s tag team division. 

The Whirlwind Gentleman (Remy Marcel and Jack Manley) has been making a name for themselves in Paragon Pro Wrestling in Las Vegas and West Coast Wrestling Connection in Salem, Oregon. This is an opportunity for their talents to be on display amongst a Chicago audience. 

Durst and Brubaker are pretty uncomfortable to see in person. Rob Matter has a killer rendition of “A Thousand Miles” for a theme song and is one half of the former tag team Beauty and the Beast. Stephen is a Wolf! 

This is a battle of two alliances, more than just meeting up the night of a show. These are groups that travel together, spending hours on end spinning tires-on-the-road. While their popularity amongst the fans are less to be desired, Chicago is Team Beta’s home turf, which they plan to defend against the Georgia based trio. 

One of the staples of Freelance Wrestling is these Holy Shit Six Man Scrambles and victory certainly helps wrestlers climb the ranks. Matt Cage won a scramble in October and it put him in pace to be the #1 contender. Space Monkey won a scramble and got a Freelance Title shot that night. This is an opportunity for momentum. 

Another person who has acquired a scramble victory is “The Death Machine” Stevie Fierce, a man on his one since the disbanding of Beauty and the Beast. A victory over Robert Anthony would help bring him legitimacy to the The Brian Kendrick trainee. 

Rise is a women-exclusive wrestling promotion in Chicagoland area and the inaugural Phoenix of Rise Champion, Angel Dust will get a chance to be a showcase to a new audience.