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There is a story where Saddam Hussein once personally offered to shoot Andre the Giant

Adnan Al-Kaissy is a Iraqi-American who was a two-time NCAA All-American in football at Oklahoma State then became an international professional wrestler.

In 1969, Al-Kaissy returned to Baghdad to visit, where he would meet with his friend from jr. high school, Saddam Hussein.

While Al-Kaissy was only on vacation, Saddam, already with political power, insisted he stay and be the hometown hero with an offer he literally couldn’t refuse.

As the hometown hero, Al-Kaissy would put together wrestling shows with outside talent for him to beat, including his friend Andre.

Andre match, on January 6, 1971, would main event a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Iraqi army.

Before the match, Saddam told Al-Kaissy good luck and if Andre hurts him, Saddam will start putting bullets in him.

The match was 2-out-three falls. Andre was supposed to win a fall but after Saddam’s comments, they had Al-Kaissy win two straight falls for Andre’s safety.

When Al-Kaissy won, the crowd started setting off their celebration guns, and a confused and scared Andre hid under the ring.

When Andre and Saddam met, Saddam told him to lose some weight if he ever wants to make it in wrestling