So I came across this copy-pasta on Facebook recently and ended up typing out quite a few paragraphs, and figured I’d add my response here as well, in case I ever see it again. Maybe come back and edit better and maybe add a few things.

I come at this with different angles, and a lot of my target of rage is towards evangelicals

So I grew up in Pentecostal churches. from single digit age to mid-twenties and reflection makes me realize how rooted in authoritarianism with and us vs them mentality, where it does not surprise me that 75% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. I believe decades of teachings in the church help give us the attempted Insurrection we saw on January 6th of this year.

I directly credit the blind faith of Christianity for getting people like my mother into conspiracy theories like QAnon and anti-vax movement.

I’ve seen the blind faith get people get caught up in prosperity gospel and businesses scams, all while the one being dupes believes God’s going to bring them wealth.

I’ve also seen Evangelicals leaders travel to countries like Uganda, and convinced their leaders that homosexuals should be locked away in prison.

I think of the Christians who are actively trying to get LGBT rights taken a way right now.

I’ve seen American evangelicals rally in support behind Donald Trump to do things like move an embassy in Israel, because they believe to fulfill biblical prophecy Israel has to be complete, and then go to war in order for Jesus to come back. As a result unarmed protesting Palestinians get murdered by Armed Forces and American evangelicals deserve some credit.

I see American evangelicals fighting against things that can help a population as a whole like Universal Health Care, with the belief that charity, which they tend to control and hold power over, is the better option, while people die everyday from a lack of healthcare.

I see Evangelicals not care one bit about climate change because they already believe that Jesus is going to come at the last minute and save everyone who deserves to be saved, and all of the evangelicals personal enemies will be the one’s left to get the suffering the Evangelicals believe they deserve.

I will get told by Christian’s time and time again that this is just people and not God, but quite frankly I do not think God is all that great if it exists, especially when consider the method of growing the religion involves colonization and the genocide of people and their cultures. Remove a people knowledge of their own cultures and religion, and people seeking hope, especially in times of hardships, may end up following the religion colonizers.

I hear Christians say, “God gives us free will.” It will put us in different circumstances and tell us your options are follow them 100% to suffer never ending damnation. It’s like how the villain in Saw gave the man free will to saw his foot off or starve to death.

God’s “my way or suffer” mentality makes me look at it like a deity version of Donald Trump. So if I am wrong about there being a God, it would not mean that God is worthy of praise.

This is apparently the God that held back the lions when Daniel was in the den, but won’t interject themself when a kid is being touched by a religious leader.

I hear the “not all Christians” argument and well blame has to be put on this hypothetical God, for not being clear enough as there are 45,000 different denominations who all believe their right.

Which also makes me think of the “What if you’re wrong” argument. There are thousands of religions who all think they’re correct, especially if they live in an area, where the religion is dominant. The true is, the likelihood that a person picked the right religion is more difficult that pickit the right number on a Roulette Wheel.

In terms of “How does this affect you?” The ramifications of the Christian God brings me existential dread every single day.

I could probably go on but I hope what I did put down was articulate enough to get where I’m coming from.