Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Lawrence Rotunda) was just released from his contract with the WWE after wrestling for them in the WWE (or their developmental Florida Championship Wrestling, which evolved into NXT).

While some can talk about what could have been in the WWE, Wyatt racked up several accomplishments. Winning the WWE Championship in an Elimination Chamber, winning tag team gold with the likes of Matt Hardy and Randy Orton, leading a popular group like the Wyatt Family, and reinventing himself as The Fiend.

Bray Wyatt has accomplish a satisfactory amount and can retire as a dad if he desires. However, the wrestling landscape is deep and there are several locations he could go, to satisfy creative interests he may still have and it gives us fans a chance to keep interests alive with with fantasy booking. Here is mine:

While it would make sense why many would want to add him to the AEW roster, I think a fun way to use him would be to start him out with Impact Wrestling, who has a good track record of cinematic usage, with productions like the Hardy cinematic universe, The underworld fueds involving the women’s roster (Su Yung, Rosemary, Allie, and Kiera Hogan) and James Mitchell, and the feud between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards (two wrestlers who would be fun to pair again Bray Wyatt)

There’s and existing entity that would be a perfect fit for Wyatt and that is Decay. Any variation of his cult like character or his Fiend demon version can fit pretty well with the concept of the group.

Decay is comprised of Black Taurus, Crazy Steve, and Rosemary. If Wyatt led the group, there’s a few names it would make sense to add.

One could be Bo Dallas, whose positive upbeat ways were taken advantage of in the last company. His positive outlook got him nowhere. He could even be a temporary addition, if Decay ever needs to go to war (more on that later).

Erik Redbeard (Rowen) would be a great addition to the group which would make sense with his personal friendship with Wyatt. He would also potentially pair well with Impact Wrestling’s roster of hosses like Joe Doering and W Morrissey, Moose, Rhyno and Ace Romero.

The group could be a good pairing against other groups like Violent By Design (comprised of Doering, Rhyno, Deaner, and Eric Young).

Decay could also comfort groups in other promotions, like perhaps the Dark Order.

It could add to the story arc between the Dark Order and Adam Page’s friendship, as it’s the Dark Order who needs Page’s help.

But why would Wyatt attack Dark Order? What motivations does he have? I don’t think it’s really that kosher to involve the name of Brodie Lee and that’s something for his family to decide, but what would make sense is a friendship and financial incentive with Wyatt’s long time friend and former tag partner “Big Money” Matt Hardy who has never gotten over Page defeating him and the Dark Order making him look foolish, and that can further development to any feud with the Dark Order and the Hardy Family Office.

There’s many directions a free agent Bray Wyatt, can go and there are plenty of places that could work as a canvas for Wyatt’s ideas.